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Browning, N. (2015, January 27). Innovations in information literacy instruction [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://inalj.com/?p=87243                         

Browning, N. (2015, March 03). To jargon or not to jargon (library edition) [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://inalj.com/?p=89507    

Browning, N. (2015, May 07). Cover letters: They're kind of a big deal! [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://inalj.com/?p=93117    

Book Reviews

Browning, N. (2016, February 1). [Review of the book The loney, by A. M. Hurley]. Library Journal, 141(2), 70.

Browning, N. (2016, February 15). [Review of the book Heartificial intelligence: Embracing our humanity to maximize machines, by J. Havens]. Library Journal, 141(3), 125+.

Browning, N. (2016, March 1). [Review of the book Miss fortune: Fresh perspectives on having it all from someone who is not okay, by L. Weedman]. Library Journal, 141(4), 99.

Browning, N. (2016, March 15). [Review of the book Dave Grohl: Times like his; Foo Fighters, Nirvana & other misadventures, by M. James]. Library Journal, 141(5), 114+.

Browning, N. (2016, April 15). [Review of the book Magic and loss: The internet as art, by V. Heffernan]. Library Journal, 141(7), 111+.

Browning, N. (2016, May 1). [Review of the book Big data: Does size matter?, by T. Harkness]. Library Journal, 141(8), 90.

Browning, N. (2016, June 1). [Review of the book Collecting the dead, by S. Kope]. Library Journal, 141(10), 84.

Browning, N. (2016, June 15). [Review of the book Talking stick: Peacemaking as a spiritual path, by S.V. Beyer]. Library Journal, 141(11), 90.

Browning, N. (2016, June 15). [Review of the book Where am I now? True stories of girlhood and accidental fame, by M. Wilson]. Library Journal, 141(11), 76.

Browning, N. (2016, July 28). [Review of the book The prisoner of Hell Gate, by D. I.  Wolff]. Library Journal. Retrieved from: http://reviews.libraryjournal.com/2016/07/books/fiction/fiction-from-avit-gregson-hiaasen-london-walker-plus-debuts-and-mississippi-noir-xpress-reviews/

Browning, N. (2016, August 1). [Review of the book Daisy in Chains, by S. Bolton]. Library Journal141(13), 66.

Browning, N. (2016, September 15). [Review of the book Faith in the spotlight: Thriving in your career while staying true to your beliefs, by M. Alexander]. Library Journal141(15), 104.

Browning, N. (2016, October 15). [Review of the book The death and resurrection of Elvis Presley, by T. Harrison]. Library Journal, 141(17), 84.

Browning, N. (2016, September 29). [Review of the book Elizabeth Bishop at work by E. Cook]. Library Journal. Retrieved from: http://reviews.libraryjournal.com/2016/09/books/nonfic/nonfiction-sports-writing-china-elizabeth-bishop-obesity-russia-space-travel-xpress-reviews/

Browning, N. (2017, January 5). [Review of the book My husband’s wife by J. Corry]. Library

Browning, N. (2017, February 1). [Review of the book I see you by C. Mackintosh]. Library Journal, 142(2), 73

Browning, N. (2017, March 15). [Review of the book Ragdoll by D. Cole]. Library Journal, 142(5), 106.

Creative Writing

Browning, N. (2011, April). You love me, mostly. Currents: Literary and Fine Arts Magazine.

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