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Greetings from the Librarian's Office!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Greetings from the Library Reference Desk!

Hello readers,

  My name is Natalie, and I am a Reference and Instruction Librarian for a local community college. You'll notice that posts previous to this are arranged by "modules." Well that is due to the fact that this blog was originally an assignment for my Young Adult Literature class in my Master of Library Science program. However, now that I've graduated and become a real-live Librarian, I have decided to resurrect this blog from the internet graveyard.

  In addition to all things library, I am a book lover (no, the two are not mutually exclusive), and I am a book reviewer for Library Journal. Unfortunately, because of copyright issues, those reviews must stay in the confines of the print journal and lj.libraryjournal.com/. But I will link to those reviews if links become available. Because I have been reviewing for that publication, and I am used to following their reviewing guidelines that means that all of my reviews will be in the same format (Yay for consistency!).

  The previous posts on this blog, again, are from a Young Adult Literature class so they are all juvenile or young adult book reviews. I still read A LOT of YA Lit, but I've broadened my reading horizons to include nonfiction (including technology stuff, celebrity biography, etc.), adult general fiction, mystery and thriller, humor, and just whatever else I feel like picking up. So the following reviews will be for many different genres of books.

Where do I get my books?
  From the library (obviously). I also get books from NetGalley (advanced reading is great), Barnes and Noble, the Amazon Kindle store, book fairs, thrift stores... I think you get the idea. I'm also a subscriber to Uppercase Box ( a monthly YA subscription box created by Lisa Parkin, uppercasebox.com); I recommend it to any YA book lover.

I hope you enjoy the reviews!

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